Andre coles

Andre Coles' yoga journey began in the fall of 2016 attending a community class made possible by Philadelphia non profit group Roots2Rise. After two years of practicing regularly, Andre expressed to R2R Executive Director Tim Wagner that he had the desire to become a yoga teacher.

With the assistance of Tim and the generosity of Three Queens Yoga, which offered Roots2Rise a scholarship spot in their upcoming yoga teacher training, Roots2Rise was able to secure Andre the opportunity to become educated as a yoga teacher.

As a musician by trade, Andre has always been comfortable being around people. His comfort, compassion and friendliness has shown through in every class he teaches.

"It's my true belief that yoga is and should be for everyone that wants it, I want to create a environment where everyone is welcome and everyone has fun. Yoga has brought so much joy and balance to my life I hope to pass the same thing onto others"