Effie Zafiratos

Effie’s has always had a passion for health and fitness and discovered her love for Yoga back in 2016 as she began her practice at home. In January of 2017, she stepped into the Pink Lotus studio for the first time with the intention of taking a few classes to learn the proper form and alignment of poses. Little did she know how much her life would change.

She found another love for Barre and learned how beneficial it was to her Yoga practice. Not only has it strengthened her muscles, it has also improved her balance and built up her confidence. She found Barre to be a really fun, challenging low impact workout that delivered amazing results. This love has led her to complete Tulaa Barre Teacher Training at Pink Lotus and is currently working on receiving her RYT200 through True Yoga and Yoga Alliance.

Effie hopes to share everything she has learned and experienced with others while encouraging them to be the best version of themselves, on and off of their mats.