Emili Dempsey
Emili’s love affair with Yoga began in 2014 when she found herself living a life that lacked happiness and purpose. After attending a yoga class at a local vineyard, she was immediately hooked when she rose from savasana feeling like the Emili she was always meant to be. From that moment on, she craved her next yoga class and was consistently on the search for a new article or book to read that would help expand her knowledge of this beautiful practice.

As her practice and love for Yoga grew, she couldn’t help but feel compelled to share this with others. She completed her 200-hour teacher training in August of 2017 and is registered with Yoga Alliance.

Emili believes that Yoga allows us to connect to our true inner selves without judgment. By connecting to our true selves we find peace and love, not only for ourselves, but for the whole. It is her hope that students leave their mats filled with peace and love and feeling like the person they were always meant to be.