Patti Lindstrom

Patti recently completed Upaya School of Yoga Arts teacher training at Laughing Buddha in West Deptford. Although she has always included yoga in her exercise regimen, it wasn't until the past few years that Patti began to "practice" yoga. After teaching Barre for eight years, she decided she needed to take yoga to the next level. She realizes there are many reasons that bring someone to their mat and those reasons may change day to day, or year to year. Patti believes in accepting yourself where you are right now in this moment without judgement and without expectations. She has found yoga can help you get through the difficult times in life. How we handle the physical and mental effort on our mats, can prepare us for the daily challenges off our mats. Upaya literally means the path of enlightenment. Patti is excited to bring her style of vinyasa to Pink Lotus and share her new found love of all aspects of yoga and continue her journey of self discovery as well of those of her students.

Patti Lindstrom is our lead barre instructor, a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer.